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9 & 10




You will need:

Light duty garden wire,


Gloves and goggles (just in case)

Adult help,

1. Take a piece of wire. Make a loop in the middle of the wire for a head and twist to create a neck.

2. Take another piece of wire and make a large circle (body) leaving some wire at the ends.

3. Attach the large circle (body) to the head and neck by wrapping the spare wire around the same place to create shoulders

4. Take a piece of wire and attach it to the bottom of the body wrapping it where the hips would be.

5. Take another piece of wire and do the same on the other side of the body. These form the legs.

6. Take one of the legs and make a small circle at the bottom to form a foot, wrap the extra wire up the leg, do the same to the other leg.

7. Push the belly in at the sides to give the body some shape.

8.Take one of the arms and also make a small circle at the end to form a hand again wrapping any excess up the arm. Do this to the other arm.

9. You now have a wire person.

10, If you want you can wrap more wire around the body to make your person more 3D.

11 Once you have made your body 3D you can cover him in anything you want. Try wool, bandages, clay, kitchen foil, tissue paper and glue.