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You will need:





1. Create a loom by using thick strong card and cut into the card at the ends to make notches. This will hold your string in place.

2. Starting from the left, wind string through the top cut down to the bottom, back to the top and back down until the card is completely filled.

3 Turn the card over and tie the string together to keep the loom tight

4. The loom should look like the one in picture 4

5. Then using any type of bendable material (wool, string, ribbon, fabric e.t.c) start from one side and thread the material above the string, below the string, above, below and so on until the material reaches the other side or until you decide to change to a different material. If you run out of material or decide to change make sure you tie the end of your old piece to your new piece so that it doesn’t fall apart.

6. Make sure you push the material down to hide the string.

7. When finished cut the string at the back and pull of the frame, then tie the string into knots to make sure the weaving doesn’t fall off.

TIP: For more advanced weaving try a different shaped loom, perhaps a circle for a coaster or use a cardboard tube and weave around that!