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You will need:



Split pins,

Lolly pop stick,

Sticky tape,

large sheet of paper


1. Print off the template of the shadow puppet onto a piece of card (see button above)

2. Cut out all of the items on the piece of card

3. On each dot make a small cut with your scissors, ask an adult if this is difficult.

4. Sort out each body part, use the picture (A.) below to help if you are not sure what each piece is.

5. Take one of the arms and push a split pin (B.) through the hole you made earlier and then push it through the top of the body.

6. You will see the split pin has two pieces of metal fold them out (C.) to make sure they don’t drop out.

7. Complete this for all of the body parts.

8. Turn your puppet over and attach lolly sticks to the hands and feet using a strip of sticky tape

9. Find somewhere to start your play. A clean wall, a screen, the inside of a tent or even a piece of paper attached to some supports to make it stand up

10. Find a bright light, a torch or a desk lamp is perfect . Angle the light so you can get great shadows, but make sure its high enough to miss your head!

11. Take your puppet and practice creating the best shadows. You are then ready to start your play!




Download the Shadow Puppet template