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If you are not very tall sometimes it can be hard to get up close to all the artworks. Perhaps they are behind glass, too high on the walls or on the top shelf of a cabinet. So here are a few artworks usually at Nature in Art that we have made spin around so you can see them at all angles.

Walrus and Seals

This is made from a whale bone vertebra (piece of bone from the spine). It was made by an Inuit artist from the North Western Territories of Canada. As they live in cold countries materials like wood and clay are not available, so they use bone instead. If you watch you can see the artist’s face is carved in the back.


This is made from Glass. The base is clear glass but the rest is a mixture of green and white glass.The piece was  sandblasted! This glass has two layers, green and white. A special machine was used to fire sand at the glass which cut through the green layer to show the white layer.It was created by artist Julia Linstead, she normally decorates glass with sea and pond life creatures and also flowers.

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