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You will need:

Safe print foam (polystyrene sheets) or a clean pizza base


Printing ink  (or Acrylic paint)

Old tile (or large ice cream lid)

Two printing rollers

1. First find a picture you would like to make into a print or design a picture. See tips here

2. Copy your design onto your foam by drawing very lightly onto the foam, be very careful you will not be able to rub these lines out if you go wrong. Keep going over your drawing until your lines are deep. BE CAREFUL not to go through to the other side! Your lines need to be deep enough to stop the printing ink falling into them.

3. Put a bit of printing ink onto your old tile.

4. Push one of the rollers into the ink and the roll it around on your tile to make sure the ink has covered the roller all over.

5. Place your roller onto your foam and roll the ink onto it.

6. Cover the whole of your foam in ink. Make sure there is enough ink on it but that it’s not too thick.

7. Take a piece of paper and place it on top of your foam. Once the paper is down DO NOT MOVE it as this will smudge the image.

8. Take your other clean roller and roll over the paper.

9. Then lift your paper off the foam to reveal your print!

10. Repeat numbers 4 - 9 until you have completed enough prints.

TIP: If the ink has gone into your lines, check you are not using too much ink. If not go over your drawing again.

This type of printing is called relief printing or block printing. If you want to learn about different types of printing click the button.  

Different types of printmaking