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Paper sculpture parrot

You will need:



Colouring pencils


PVA glue,

1. Download and print off the parrot template onto paper.

2. Cut out each piece following only the dark thick lines and colour in both sides

3. Along any dotted lines fold and bend the paper.

4. Below you will find a guide showing all the pieces of the parrot numbered (picture A). Take piece 1 and 2 , place a tiny amount of glue to piece 1 and stick it on top of piece 2. Here you have the wings, put them to the side to dry.

5. Take pieces 3 and 4, these are the tail feathers. Put a tiny amount of glue onto piece 3 and stick piece 4 on top then leave to dry.

6. Find piece 5 this is the head and find piece 6 this is the beak. Put a small amount of glue onto the beak and stick onto the head.

7. Find piece 7 this is the eye, you need to roll it up and then place a bit of glue on the end to keep it in place. Put a blob of glue onto the head and stick the eye to it.

8. Take piece 8 this is the body, the zig zag part should be at the bottom. find your wings (pieces 1 and 2) and stick onto the side of your body using a small amount of glue.

9. Find your tail feathers (pieces 3 and 4), you are going to stick the body on top of the tails so you can still see the zig zag pattern of the body.

10. Take the head (piece 5) and stick on top of the body

11. Using other bits of paper you can create leaf shapes or even add a head crest to your parrot. Stick all your leaves and branches onto a piece of card and finally stick your parrot onto it, just like in picture B.

Download the template