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Do you like being creative and enjoy sharing new ideas with people? if so this could be your job

What does an Education Officer do?

Education officers work in museums and galleries to make sure that all visitors (children and adults) understand and learn more from their visit; they may create activities to help explain an exhibition, or think of new ways to teach people about a subject that the gallery or museum are about. Education officers will work with lots of different groups of people but mostly primary and secondary children.

What Skills does an Education Officer need?

Good communication skills, written and oral

Teaching skills

Ability to work with a range of ages and abilities

Team work skills

Self motivation - able to work on your own

Good Organisational skills

What Subjects would be good to study?

A job like this is open to all but the following may improve your chances:

History, Fine Art, Archaeology, Archive and museum studies, Community Education, Education, Cultural studies, History of Art. A PGCE may be worthwhile although not all museums require one. However all Education officers will have experience of working in a similar field some may have progressed from being an education assistant.

Our Education officer, Christina Sadler

Hello My name is Christina and I am the Education Officer at Nature in Art. If you have visited us on a school trip or activity day you may have already met me. I have always had an interest in art so when I left school I studied Fine Art at University. As I’ve also always enjoyed working with people particularly children a job as an Education Officer is perfect!

I mostly work with school groups and we have over 3500 students a year. Myself and a team of volunteers work with everyone who visits. Different ages and schools study different themes and so working with the teachers I plan activities that fit perfectly. My job is really fun and every day is different, some days I am creating wire sculptures the next we are bug hunting in the sculpture garden! In the holidays I run the children’s activities and they are just as fun. Each year I enjoy thinking of new things to try out, it can be difficult thinking of new activities so if you ever have any ideas let me know!

When I’m not working with schools I have to do talks to adults or go out to other places and tell people about Education at Nature in Art. I also have to do office work like sending invoices, talking to teachers, writing emails and planning. I sometimes have to go to meetings and training days with other museums which is really interesting. Recently I got to have a go at Makaton which is a type of sign language, I’m not very good but I am learning!

I really enjoy it when I get the chance to be really creative by thinking of new ideas to make learning and visiting fun, like this website or by designing the activity day leaflets, resources and education packs. I am really lucky that I enjoy my job and if you want to know more just ask next time you visit!

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