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Create a collage

You will need:

lots of different materials such as:

Paper, card, bubble wrap, cling film, newspaper, tin foil, wrapping paper, string, fabric... anything


PVA glue,




A collage is a picture made from lots of different items, such as newspaper, coloured paper, ribbons and so on, assembled to make something new. The term collage comes from the French word colle meaning glue.

1. Decide what you want to make a picture of, for this we are going to look at creating a woodland scene.

2. Think about the types of textures that may need to be in your picture. For example  try and show the rough bark, the soggy crumpled leaves, the shiny smooth stones and the delicate flowers.

3. Below are ideas on how to create interesting textures in your artwork. When you are happy start sticking your materials onto your piece of card. Think about using lots of layers and try to cover your card so you can’t see it anymore.


These are great fun to do! Take a piece of paper and place it on top of your item (bark, the floor, the bumpier the better). Using a crayon on its side rub over your paper making sure the paper does not move. You can then use your rubbing in the collage.

Tin foil

Use paints on top of tin foil and when dry you can scratch through the paint to leave shiny parts. Great for water or a muddy puddle.

Bubble wrap

You can use bubble wrap to print from. Put a thin layer of paint over the bubble wrap and then rub it onto a piece of paper. This is great for creating stones or an interesting texture in a bush or tree.

Burst your bubble wrap so it’s flat  and paint on top. When it’s dry you can stick it to the floor of your forest to look like crumpled leaves

Magazine pictures

Find an old magazine and cut out images of birds, flowers or whatever you think will look interesting in your collage. You can paint on top of the magazine pictures or stick them straight in.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper place over parts of your picture and covered in glue will create really interesting effects. Also cut out leaf shapes, screw them into a ball and then open them out. You will have a leaf that looks like it has just fallen off a tree.